Surplace Media - We believe there’s a great storyteller in everyone

Sur Place Media is a collective of filmmakers, sound artists, graphic designers & content producers

Offering professional media services at competitive rates

We believe there's a great storyteller in everyone

That’s why we help Montrealers practice their craft, learn new skills, and boost their resumes

Why join Sur Place

Work opportunities

We join forces to find & execute multidisciplinary contracts, within both the anglophone and the francophone community.

Production studio

Green / black / white screen, lighting, camera, mic, production PC… we’re all set. All it takes now is your creative vision.

Freelancer community

Freelancers can feel isolated. As a collective, we can support each other & learn from the diversity of our experiences.

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Recent work

(Projects open in external site Behance)

Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
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Being Iraqi
Directing, Editing, Film
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IREDEA, science fiction rock opera
Performing Arts, Art Direction, Costume Design
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Uptown Squirrels
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Portrait Photography
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Subway readers
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