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Making  Comedy Videos


A Summer workshop with Surplace Media

Workshop Info

  • Surplace Media will guide comedy troupes through the steps of making comedy videos over 4-6 weeks: pre-production, production, post-production, publishing & distribution.
  • Comedy troupes (of 2 or more people) apply with their ideas for comedy videos or completed scripts. Any style of comedy is welcome.
  • Surplace provides access to our production studio, equipment, and editing suite.
  • By the end of the workshop, each group will make and publish  a professionally produced video.
  • Workshop leaders are Ted Strauss and Jiva Kalan (bios coming soon).
  • Cost of the workshop: 150$ per person.
  • The workshop will have up to 6 participants, or 1-3 troupes.
  • Date & time: The workshop will be once a week on a weekday evening, starting in early July. Exact times & dates will be worked out with participants availability in mind.
  • Topics that will be covered: different comedy styles and how they’re produced, story boarding and script development, basics of cinematography and production techniques, survey of post-production techniques, digital publishing, guerrilla filmmaking a.k.a. how to make movies with no money. (Detailed curriculum coming soon.)
  • Apply now using the form below! Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, i.e. first come first serve.
  • If you have any questions, email


There is nothing quite so awesome as making people laugh, and there are dozens of comedy styles to play with. But there’s a big difference between live comedy on stage and comedy that’s produced on video.  So much is possible on video, but technical skills, special equipment, and great attention to detail is needed to make jokes really land on video.  

Surplace Media is offering this Summer workshop on Making Comedy Videos to help local comedy troupes produce their videos. Whether you’re just having fun or you want to one day produce comedy TV or movies, the workshop will push your work forward and give you new skills to apply.

If your comedy troupe is already experienced and you have completed scripts ready to go, we want to hear from you. We can adjust the workshop for more advanced groups and dive right into production. Our goal is to produce high quality content and to help local artists get published

6-week workshop outline: coming soon.

About Surplace

Surplace is a new media collective in Montreal. We are made up of artists and media freelancers. Our goal is to produce original web shows, podcasts, and other content for online audiences, with a distinctly Montreal voice. We also collaborate on paid contracts with local businesses and organizations. Surplace offers a range of workshops on practical topics in media. All students who take our workshops are invited to join the collective, and help us grow Canadian independent media.

Application form

If your comedy group would like to take part in this Summer workshop, fill out the application below and we will respond within 1-2 weeks. There are limited spaces available for this workshop. In deciding which groups to admit, we will be considering experience level, enthusiasm, video concepts, portfolio, and other factors.

Workshop Teachers

Ted Strauss

Ted Strauss is an independent filmmaker, multi-disciplinary artist, and founder of the Surplace Media collective & studio.

Jiva Kalan

Jiva Kalan is a writer, performer and improv teacher. He has been teaching at Montreal Improv since 2014 and has performed with house teams Room Service and Mess Hall. He watched Shawshank Redemption and thinks it’s “just ok”.