calling all dancers

This project is a documentary series about dancers who struggle with their mental health. We want to talk with you about your experiences and how you use dance to cope, heal, express, escape, etc. We will ask each dancer chosen to choreograph a piece in a style that expresses in one way or another your relationship with your mental health. We will also be having discussions about mental health/illness, and we hope you will feel comfortable sharing your experiences with us.

The mission of this project is to capture each individuals’ experience through dance and conversation in order to demonstrate how dance can be used to help those with mental illness and how it already has helped many people who are struggling. If you’re interested in participating in this project, please fill out the submission form below and attach a video that represents your dance style and passion.

I have been a dancer most of my life and I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Since my early 20’s, mental health has very much shaped the way I live my life and how I decide who to surround myself with. I think it is so important for people living with mental illness to have an outlet to cope with and heal from our traumas. I am hoping with this documentary series to explore the outlet of dance and what it means to those of us who struggle. — Emilie Fattore, project lead

  • The form below is to express interest in being featured in this video documentary series, being produced in Montreal.
  • We will consider proposals throughout 2018. There is no specific deadline. It may take several weeks to reply to each application. Thank you for your patience.
  • If we are interested, we will contact you to set up a meeting. Then a video production will be produced featuring you and your dance work, in a studio or other location in Montreal.
  • Producing a video segment requires a time commitment of 10-20 hours.

  • There is no pay for participating. (And there is no cost.)
  • The documentary series will be distributed on the internet, and submitted to festivals.
  • The creative lead of this project is Emilie Fattore.
  • The producer of the series is Surplace Media, an independent media co-op in Montreal. This project has not received any external funding. Please browse this website to learn more about Surplace, and follow our facebook page here.
  • Questions: info.docuseries (at)

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