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Why join Sur Place

We welcome all, from the beginner freelancer, to the bedroom artist, to the established media professional. There are many good reasons Montréal creatives get involved with Sur Place.

At this time, there isn’t a formal process of membership. Rather, you tell us about yourself using the form below, then we’ll set up a meeting to talk through your situation and priorities to see if there is a good fit. Everyone’s situation is unique.

The creation

Work on paid gigs & creative projects

Members have access to our pool of contracts. Come work on multidisciplinary projects handled by a dedicated project manager, with both anglophone and francophone clients. We prioritize enriching & meaningful projects by offering discounts to cultural & community organizations.

At Sur Place you can also teach and/or attend practical training workshops to develop and/or share your skills.

Finally, you can submit an artistic project to complete your team, or join one of our existing ones. Either way, we want to hear your ideas!

The people

Meet fellow creators to learn from one another

Sur Place gathers more than 40 members, from very various backgrounds & cultures – the real Mile End crossroad.

You can learn from fellow media creators to improve your own practice, or join us for movie screenings & other social events.

Our goal is to foster a community of freelancers and creatives to break isolation, nurture projects, and benefit the wider community.

The space

A coworking space that doubles as a classroom and production studio

Sur Place’s coworking space functions as an office by day, to help members work & focus better. In the evenings, workshops, meetings and small events are held.

The space can be transformed into a video / photo / audio production studio capable of producing a wide range of media content.

_8 desks, free WiFi
_Kitchen, coffee maker
_Projector, screen
_Lights, camera, audio, teleprompter
_Green, white & black backdrops

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