Surplace Media - Projects

Surplace projects explore new ways to bring people together and tell a story in the process. We’re always looking for collaborators with bold ideas and creative chops.

Journée Sombre

We’re creating a festival to take place in the deadest of winter – that nurtures an environment for folks to gather in low pressure social situations and face the pressures of Winter. Using humour, dark arts and simple events of togetherness, the week and surrounding time can also be used as a momentum opportunity to share and practice technique and information with each other for mental health strategies and community building.

Candy Conquerors

Candy Conquerors is graphic novel about a group of school children whose lives seem to intersect with events in world history. Each episode depicts a historical event through the landscape of their school and the voices of their classmates. Events like Columbus’ voyage, the coup of Allende in Chile, and the Reformation, are retold in a feisty way, that is accessible to a wide audience. The creative process is inclusive and crowd-sourced, inviting local artists to participate in the telling of history. One day the Candy Conquerors will be produced as a cartoon web series.

Microblogging for Speech

The voice is a more expressive and authentic representation of human communication than written text, which dominates online communication. Angry flame wars and other forms of online social mayhem may be reduced if people communicate by voice, and not by text. This app will test that hypothesis.

Expanding our views: A Primer to Social Media Algorithms

Social media is an engineered experience that is tailored through algorithms. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram having become a major part of our life experience, these algorithms now shape how we see our communities, the world and ourselves.  The goal of Expanding Our Views campaign is to educate the general public and make social media more transparent by showing the mechanics, the algorithms, techniques, tendencies and spectacle of it. We hope that it will:

  • make people feel better about themselves (#NOMOFOMO)
  • liberate people from the pressures of social media (#honestpersonas)
  • seek broader sources on a given subject, political view or opinion
  • make people question everything they see
  • consider the immense power that SM algorithms have on how we interact and view the world around us

Soup business for Winter warmth and employment

Surplace is developing a seasonal business to sell hot soup from a take-out counter and catering for groups of 20 or more people. The business will operate from October to April, a period when some Montrealers in the tourism sector are under-employed. Look out for opportunities to sample our gourmet recipes during the Winter of 2017/18.

Collaboparc Mtl

Collaboparc Mtl is a collective made of community members with the help of urban design passionates that have the common goal to transform vacant lots into new green spaces that represent the need of their neighborhood.

This collaborative experiment will involve a group of volunteer professionals and students in the fields of architecture, urban design and city planning working with the people living in the surrounding areas of the vacant lot chosen.

In a workshop formula, the community will be invited to come and learn new skills and information about public spaces, sustainable construction and urban design. They will then have the opportunity all together to create a plan for their future park and start building!