Damaris Baker

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Damaris is a filmmaker, animator, radio producer, musician, and choir leader. Damaris also does healing practices with the voice, resonating bowls, and the body.

Nico Adama

Nico brews visual refreshments in analog and digital: live projected visuals (Jitter), graphic design, illustration, video and motion design.

Tariq Jamal

Tariq is a digital artist and tech generalist working with photography, 2D graphic design and illustration, audio production, animation, digital security, 3D modelling, and wordpress.

Hannah Materne

Hannah does graphic design and illustration work in the areas of branding + logo, booklet, packaging, information design, textile design and art direction. Hannah see a future where the human [...]

Pascal Huỳnh

Pascal is an animator, podcast producer, workshop leader, youth facilitator, and multi-disciplinary artist extraordinaire.