Sur place, A two-day workshop to avert dystopia and reverse engineer the future. May 27 & 28, 2017. Montreal. - Members

Surplace members are artists, media creators, coders, entrepreneurs and organizers. We use Surplace to share resources, collaborate on projects, and work on paid contracts.

  • Ted Strauss Project manager. Video producer. Founder.

    Ted Strauss is a filmmaker, artist, techie, singer, cook, and person who thinks too much about way too many things. With all the strangeness of life in 2017, Ted believes that communication between people -understanding, empathy, & empowerment- is at the core of every problem.

  • Bronwen Moen Art direction. Facilitation. Embodied practices. Performance. Photography.

    With a foundation of painting and murals Bronwen’s work also extends into photography, design/illustration, large-scale puppets, and sets and props within tv/film and theatre productions.  This multi-disciplinary practice also extends into teaching and facilitation and is woven together with themes of embodiment, agency and connection.


  • Matthieu Rheaume
    Matthieu Rheaume Social Artist, Organisational Change Facilitator, Tarologue

    Grâce à mon expérience en développement organisationnel, Service Design, design de jeu, empouvoirement par l’art appliqué, intervention jeunesse, innovation sociale et en organisation d’événement, j’ai développé une compétence pour la création de sens dans nos projets de changement et pour l’amélioration des l’impacts entrepreneuriaux par l’interventions pédagogique et par la facilitation collaborative.

  • Carmen Plant
    Carmen Plant Video editor

    Carmen is Surplace’s resident post-production editor, with expertise in video editing, motion graphics, special effects, audio mixing.

  • Pascal Huỳnh
    Pascal Huỳnh Workshop leader. Animator. Art director.

    Pascal is an animator, podcast producer, workshop leader, youth facilitator, and multi-disciplinary artist extraordinaire.

  • Hannah Materne
    Hannah Materne Graphic design, object design, art direction

    Hannah does graphic design and illustration work in the areas of branding + logo, booklet, packaging, information design, textile design and art direction. Hannah see a future where the human environment is closer to the joy, peace and whimsy of the natural world.

  • Tariq Jamal
    Tariq Jamal Digital artist, Video editor, and more

    Tariq is a digital artist and tech generalist working with photography, 2D graphic design and illustration, audio production, animation, digital security, 3D modelling, and wordpress.

  • John Jacob Courtnay
    John Jacob Courtnay Sound designer, Musician, Event planner

    John Jacob is a prolific musician, sound designer, video creator, event planner, and all around party bringer.

  • Khaled Jafaar
    Khaled Jafaar Web design, Wordpress, Painting
  • Isaac Bell
    Isaac Bell Illustration, Cartoons, Characters

    Isaac is an artist and illustrator who makes beautiful weird stuff.

  • Nico Adama
    Nico Adama Live visuals, VJ, Illustration, Graphic design, Video editing

    Nico brews visual refreshments in analog and digital: live projected visuals (Jitter), graphic design, illustration, video and motion design.

  • Damaris Baker
    Damaris Baker Videographer, Producer, Musician

    Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Damaris is a filmmaker, animator, radio producer, musician, and choir leader. Damaris also does healing practices with voices, resonating bowls, and the body.

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