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Throughout the development of all my projects as a visual, theatre, and film artist, one skill has helped me more than any other—drawing! The art and practice of seeing spatial relationships, textures, proportions, perspective, tone, and volume helps me to render and create realities and fictions quickly and with ease.

These skills have transformed how I see. They translate into everything else I do, from graphic design to photography to set design for TV and film. It is a way of seeing, thinking, and communicating. An essential tool for any visual practice.

This course will take you through a series of skill-building workshops designed to help you become well-versed in drawing & rendering while structuring a regular practice so that it becomes a part of your professional toolkit. We will use a variety of media (wet and dry) and practice with many subjects, images, and references.

Drawing is also a perfect tool to explore your own creative interests and voice! Each session will start with a brief body-based drawing meditation, that will help bring some of your own ideas and impulses to light.

Workshop 1

  • Body-mapping meditation drawing
  • Intro to “Drawing as Seeing” concepts and practices
  • Practice: Drawing from observation with pencil/pen (contour, continued line, gesture)

Workshop 2

  • Body-mapping meditation drawing
  • Drawing as a research tool—examples and discussion
  • Practice: Drawing from observation with pencil, charcoal, ink/watercolour (Push & Pull: colour, volume, mass & perspective)

Workshop 3

  • Body-mapping meditation drawing
  • Drawing as a tool for creating fictional spaces/collage/fantasy—examples and discussion
  • Practice: “Making Strange” —8 prompts for combining subject matter to create stories & meaning

Workshop 4

  • Body-mapping meditation drawing
  • Presenting personal projects and meta-conversation, “How to talk about art!”
  • Practice: Workshop-on-Request—emergent workshop based on specific needs of the students

Bronwen Moen moved to Montréal, Québec in 2006 where she completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2013. Her work in painting, drawing, and performance focuses on the vibrant materiality of the human form, the natural and manufactured world, and all vibrant systems. As a dancer and performer she draws deeply from her physical practice that provides a map of deepening connections with herself and others; sensations and images of the uphill crumble of collaboration and interrelatedness. With a foundation of painting and murals her work also extends into photography, design/illustration, large-scale puppets, and sets and props within tv/film and theatre productions. This multi-disciplinary practice also extends into teaching and facilitation and is woven together with themes of embodiment, agency and connection.

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Who should take this workshop?

This workshop is open to any experience level. Small groups ensure that each student’s voice is heard and has their needs met. Whether you’re looking to connect over shared interests, develop your craft, or looking for feedback on a project, this is the workshop for you.

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