Radio Storytelling Workshop with Pascal Huỳnh

Teacher: Pascal Huynh (link to his bio and his podcast)

When: 5 Tuesdays: November 21, 28, December 5, 12, 19, 5:30 – 8:30 pm (15 hours total)

Cost: 150$, Sliding scale by application

Admission: apply using the form below; 6 students will be selected. We encourage pairs to apply.

Who: Students must have in mind at least 1 idea of a radio podcast they want to produce.

Deliverable: Students will be producing a 10 minutes radio piece by the end of the workshop.

Hosted by: Surplace, media coop, 5585 Ave Parc, Montreal

Workshop Overview

The workshop is a hands on crash course in developing your own podcast, covering everything you’ll need to get started. There are five 3-hour sessions, with significant homework each week. Students should have a strong interest in launching their own podcast, and some ideas for what it will be about. Students are encouraged to apply as a pair, since creating a podcast is a lot of work and usually requires a team. Individual students are also considered.

Workshop 1: Writing for Radio (3 hrs)

  • Finding your mission statement
  • Finding the target audience
  • Collaborating harmoniously
  • Story structure
  • How not to write for radio
  • The Workflow for creating an episode

Homework (2 hours): Find a topic and 1 interviewee

Workshop 2: The art of Interviewing and Narrating (3 hrs)

  • Preparing an interview
  • Interviewing a stranger
  • Intimate Interviewing
  • Interviewing an Oppressor
  • Coaching a voice actor
  • Sounding natural
  • Narration
  • Live recording
  • Recording tools
  • Community resources

Homework (6 hours) : Prepare interview questions, Interview and transcribe

Workshop 3: Creating a story (3 hrs)

  • Weaving the narration in
  • Writing for audio
  • Efficient Transcribing technique
  • The Ethics of Journalism
  • Budgeting

Homework (5 hours): Finish paper edit, record narration and find music

Workshop 4: Music and Sound Editing (3hrs)

  • Working with hardware and software
  • Music Design
  • Sound Design

Homework (5 hours): Finish audio editing

Workshop 5: Peer-Review and Publishing (3hrs)

  • Presenting your work and Group discussion
  • Distributing your work online/on the air
  • Gathering Promotional Material (photoshoot available

About Surplace

Surplace is a media coop and creative agency that is creating a YouTube channel and other media content streams. We are developing an experimental business model for creating media that enriches our local community while creating meaningful employment for our members. Surplace offers workshops and training opportunities for very affordable rates so that people can learn to tell the stories that matter to them. Surplace hopes that some of the podcasts developed in this workshop will eventually become distributed on our channel.

Apply to take the workshop

Deadline to apply is Sunday November 12, but we’ll be accepting applications on a rolling basis so don’t wait until the deadline to apply.

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