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Our workshops are about:

Inspired conversations. Our teachers are dedicated. They’re passionate about their discipline, as well-versed in the creative as the technical, and excited to share what they know.  Over four weekly video conferences, the teacher brings the group together to practice, create, and connect.

Hands-on creativity. Sur Place workshops are experience-based, which means they’re geared toward developing your creative muscles.

Accessibility. During this period of adjustment and uncertainty, everyone has different needs for scheduling, pricing, and readiness. If the price of a workshop is a barrier for you, or you have any other questions please submit a support request by clicking here.

Our active listings for Fall 2021 will be live soon. Keep scrolling for a sample catalogue of past workshops.

All Workshops

  • Four sessions, weekly
  • 90-120 minutes per session
  • Live & interactive
  • 4-8 participants per workshop
  • Price: 100$ – 200$ + taxes (CA$)
  • Teachers located across Canada
  • Join by Zoom video conference


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