Call for proposals

Share your knowledge, share your passion.
At Sur Place, you can lead a practical training workshop to make additional revenues out of what you love.

weeks per workshop (flexible)
students per class
0 $
per student (90% goes to the teacher)

What we're looking for

The goal is to teach students concrete skills that can advance their own art & media practices, and that they can use to get paid contracts or jobs. The small class size (4-8 participants) means that teachers will have time to mentor student projects one-on-one. A workshop can be quite specific (e.g. shoot & edit portrait photography) or more general (e.g. short fiction writing). Propose a workshop in an area you have expertise in and passion for. For instance:


Videography, video editing

Writing, editing


Digital arts, graphic design

Radio, podcasting

Animation, motion graphics

Illustration, visual arts

Art direction, scenography

Sound design

Research, journalism

Web design, WordPress

Adobe programs (or other software)

Promotions, marketing, social campaigns

Performing arts

Grants writing, arts administration

Community organizing

... something else!

Not sure whether your idea will be eligible? Send an email. All proposals will be considered.

How it works

PLEASE NOTE |  During the COVID-19 pandemic, workshops have been transitioned online. Because of this, meetings will take place over the phone or via video conference, rather than face-to-face.

ONGOING |   Submission proposal

1-2 WEEKS |   Review + meeting scheduling

– 2H – Meeting + discussion of programming and promo

6-8 WEEKS |   Promo

4 WEEKS |   Workshop sessions (you get paid 1 week after start date)

RINSE & REPEAT |   If the workshop was successful, let’s run it again


_Studio backgrounds (white, green, black)
_Projector, screen, speakers
_Lighting kit: 2x softbox, ring light, reflectors kit
_Camera: Sony Nex-5 camera, GoPro, Teleprompter
_Sound recording: various microphones, zoom rec & audio gear
_Webcam (for remote guests)
_Production PC with Adobe CC suite
_Printer, copier, scanner


What if I have more than one workshop idea?

Submit as many as you like.

Can I lead a workshop in French?

Yes, definitely. Workshops can be in English or French (or both!).

How will the workshops be promoted to Montrealers?

Sur Place produces a video ad for each workshop with the teachers; we’ll hold an open house a couple weeks before the session; we’ll do online and flyer advertising.

What if only a couple people sign up for my workshop?

Normally, 4 students is the minimum number of students needed to proceed. The pay is always based on 75% of tuition received.

What if I want to be picky about who gets to take my workshop?

That should be fine. Let’s talk about it.

What if I have another question?

Send an email to

Wanna know more about our current workshops?

Submit your proposal!

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