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Audio Documentary Storytelling

With Pascal Huỳnh



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Do you have an idea for an audio documentary piece or podcast series you’d like to produce? In this workshop, we’ll take your idea and put it through a variety of exercises that will help you find your main focus, craft your story effectively, plan your production, figure out your workflow, and solve the technical aspects in between. On top of that, throughout the weeks, we’ll be practicing the art of interviewing and narrating. So, think of it like a bootcamp for you to become an audio documentary producer.

Teacher Bio

Pascal Huỳnh first got into podcasting by having a topic he was passionate about. He created an 8-episode show called Out of the Fog which aired on CKUT 90.3FM in 2016. Being his first audio project, he learnt from the many beginner mistakes he made. Since then he has made an audio documentary piece produced by CBC and is currently working on a feature-length film documentary. He teaches film animation at Concordia University, at Champlain College and at Salette College where he enjoys designing courses in which students are engaged by hands-on exercises and analytical thinking.


Links to Pascal’s work, reviews and media attention

Workshop Breakdown

Workshop 1: Pitching an Idea

Workshop 2: Finding Good Tape

Workshop 3: Interviewing

Workshop 4: Story Editing

Sound Creation Presentations: Dates TBD with participants

Other Workshops by Pascal Huỳnh

Audio Documentary Storytelling 2

This series of workshops will develop hands-on skills related to audio documentary storytelling. We will be going through exercises of interviewing, text editing, audio editing and audio design. The goal of this session is to develop skills and to learn from mistakes in a low-stake environment. There will also be more time to focus on the needs of individual projects.

Workshop 1: Interviewing Techniques

Workshop 2: Text Editing

Workshop 3: Audio Editing

Workshop 4: Audio Design

Sound Creation Presentations: Date TBD with participants

Who Should Take This Workshop?

ADS 1: This is a beginner-intermediate level workshop. Participants should have at least one project idea before registering for the class and should expect that it may transform throughout the duration of the course. The class is designed for documentary storytelling, not so much for talk shows. Expect weekly homework (2hrs). At the end of the 4 weeks, each participant will present their final project: a short sound creation.

ADS 2: Please note, although this workshop builds on techniques from Audio Documentary Storytelling 1, you do not have to have taken ADS1 to participate. This is an intermediate level workshop. Expect weekly homework (2hrs). At the end of the 4 weeks, each participant will present their final project: a short sound creation.

Event Details

Session 1:

Venue: Zoom conference