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Getting Cozy With Cold-Read Auditions

With Aly Slominski



This workshop will equip students with the proper tools to master a cold-read audition and provide them with a safe space to practice their cold-reading skills.

Schedule: Mondays, October 18, 25, November 1, 8, from 6 pm – 8 pm

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So you’ve just spent the last 48 hours memorizing, analyzing, and building a character from scratch. You get to the audition and before you even have a chance to show what you’ve prepared, casting hands you a new set of sides and says, “”Could you read for this character instead?”” How do you deliver a job-booking performance when you don’t even know the lines?! This workshop will equip students with the proper tools to master a cold-read audition and provide them with a safe space to practice their cold-reading skills.

Every class will end with some sort of cold-read practice, where we will continuously build upon concepts as we learn them.

Teacher Bio

Aly Slominski is a professional performer based in Montreal. She completed her BFA in Theater at Concordia University and has studied acting for film in both Los Angeles and Montreal. However, an actor’s training is never done! Always in pursuit of improving her craft, Aly continues to take workshops were she can. She recently completed a Meisner technique class and is currently training with Suzanna Lenir.

Aly completed a teaching internship at the Geordie Theater School in 2015 and has continued to teach ever since. Previously, Aly taught theatre for children with Le REC Room and film acting for teens at The House of Actors. She is currently working as an audition coach.

Aly hopes to now share her knowledge and passion with an older group of students, while striving to create a safe place for actors to fail and to grow!


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Who Should Take This Workshop?

This cold-read audition workshop is for any actor who is actively auditioning. Be it for professional roles, community theatre or short student films; if you’re auditioning, you need to know how to cold-read! All levels are welcome and materials will be tailored to the individual student’s needs.

Course Breakdown

Session 1: What is a cold-read? We will focus on breaking down what a cold-read is and why it’s an important skill to master; as well as getting to know the students and better understanding their individual goals. We’ll take our first crack at a cold-read audition!

Session 2: Tools for Cold-Reads. Breaking down the variety of tools and tricks to mastering a cold-read. These include: how to ground yourself quickly in a new character, how to stay connected to the material and your scene partner, and how to prep with 5 minutes or less. 

Session 3: Bringing Yourself to a Cold-Read. Any actor’s greatest asset in a cold-read is themselves. In this session, we’ll work on how to bring our unique perspective to any given character. For this mock cold-read, every student will be reading for the same role to illustrate this point.

Session 4: Putting it all Together: In our final class, we will work on putting it all together. We’ll have a real-time mock cold-read audition where students will have only 5 minutes with their scenes before they have to perform. This will be followed by feedback and any last questions or suggestions from the students.

Event Details

Session 1: October 18, 2021

Session 2: October 25, 2021

Session 3: November 01, 2021

Session 4: November 08, 2021

Start time: 18:00 EDT

End time: 20:00 EDT

Venue: Zoom Conference