Spinning Worlds

With JE Solo



Discover techniques for the creation of essential story elements to bring your sci-fi worlds to life.

Schedule: Thursdays, November 11, 18, 25, December 2, from 7 pm – 9 pm

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Discover techniques for the creation of essential story elements to bring your sci-fi worlds to life. The course focusses on the development of character and environment profiles, methods for inventing a speculative Universe, and honing your style as a writer of science fiction and fantasy.

Teacher Bio

JE Solo is an award-winning writer, performance and media artist, and musician.  JE has been building speculative and fantasy worlds for many years as a theatre artist and writer. Their performance and media works have been presented around the world; their fiction, plays and poetry has been published by House of Zolo, Perro Verlag, Truck, Room, Playwrights of Canada Press; and their writing on technology, nature, and the arts has appeared in the Newfoundland Quarterly, TOFU Magazine, Reverb Magazine, Canadian Theatre Review, and Switch Magazine, among others. JE’s debut novel, Phreak (House of Zolo, 2020), was short-listed for the Writer’s Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s 2017 Fresh Fish Award. JE is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the Writer’s Alliance of NL. See lizsolo.com.

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Who Should Take This Workshop?

Spinning Worlds is designed for writers of science fiction and fantasy in any format (short story, novel, screenplay, etc); writers looking for techniques to open up the imagination; new writers; and anyone who wants an insider’s view of sci-fi writing and world building.

Course Breakdown

In Spinning Worlds, participants will create and develop the essential elements of a speculative world (or worlds), including building character and environment profiles, world elements, and plot/story elements. Sessions will involve in-class writing exercises, live discussion, and short take-home assignments. Participants will construct the elements of a speculative/sci-fi/fantasy world and bring them together in a final piece.

WEEK ONE – Characters and Creatures – The first class will focus on creating and developing characters and creatures, and exploring how to build relationships between them.

WEEK TWO – Building a Universe – In Week Two we will look at creating and developing environments, planets, and whole universes for sci-fi stories.

WEEK THREE – Systems – In Week Three we will examine potential social and political systems for speculative worlds, and look at building a compelling premise and plot.

WEEK FOUR – Bringing It Together – Participants will use some or all of the elements created throughout the workshop to construct a final piece set in a speculative world. The fourth class will focus on these pieces.


A writing program (i.e. Microsoft Word).

Event Details

Session 1: November 11, 2021

Session 2: November 18, 2021

Session 3: November 25, 2021

Session 4: December 02, 2021

Start time: 19:00 EDT

End time: 21:00 EDT

Venue: Zoom Conference