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Pay Attention! A Meisner Acting Workshop

With Peter Giser



Turn speaking a series of lines into truly connecting with someone and breathing life into your acting.

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In this workshop we’ll build up that all-important thing in acting: the connection with your scene partner. Part of the problem we face in scenes is we really aren’t paying attention! So we’re going to learn how to listen up, improve our ability to tell what’s going on with the other actor, get through to them better, and build that relationship. In other words, we’re going to turn speaking a series of lines into really connecting with someone and making acting a living thing. Through a combination of improv, script-based work, and of course—paying attention!—we’ll tune right in to what’s really going on and make our acting work more exciting for both ourselves and for the audience.

Teacher Bio

Peter Giser is a director, actor and singer who has been performing for over 20 years in Montreal and New York. Originally trained as a musical performer, Peter turned more fully towards acting while in New York, studying at the Strasberg School and later becoming a member of The Michael Chekhov Theatre Company. Peter also began producing and directing in New York, which he now continues to do in Montreal through his own theatre company, Snowglobe Theatre. His knowledge and training include Stanislavski work, Strasberg, Meisner, Michael Chekhov technique, Shakespeare performance, and commedia, among other styles and methods. Peter puts a large focus on developing talent and skills, and has been offering workshops in Montreal to the artistic community since 2019.

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Workshop Breakdown

Workshop 1: Tuning In

We will begin with Meisner exercises including “the repetition” and “the observation,” and then take those into improvised scenes focused on listening and observing. We will learn how to really listen to our scene partner, and to then become able to respond honestly.

Workshop 2: Tuning Up

We’ll add one element to this: our own objectives, and how we need the listening and observing in order to pursue our need in a scene.

Workshop 3: Out of Tune

Important tasks and conflict. Through use of assigned tasks that are difficult, we will explore scene communication, focusing on struggle over objectives.

Workshop 4: Tuning Back In

We’ll recap what we’ve learned and look at well-known scenes from plays, using our techniques to explore these beloved scripts.

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“Absolutely loved the class. Peter is such a dedicated teacher like I have rarely seen in the arts.”

“Peter is an amazing, validating and talented teacher. He is always open to answering questions and he makes sure that everyone feels seen.”

Event Details

Session 1:

Venue: Zoom conference