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During the COVID-19 crisis we’re moving our cozy in-person workshops online, to be held as interactive video conferences with 4-8 participants. Join from home on your computer or mobile device.

Inspired conversations. Our teachers are dedicated. They’re passionate about their discipline, as well-versed in the creative as the technical, and excited to share what they know.  Over four weekly video conferences, the teacher brings the group together to practice, create, and connect.

Hands-on creativity. Sur Place workshops are experience-based, which means they’re geared toward developing your creative muscles.

Flexible booking. During this time of adjustment and uncertainty, everyone has different needs for scheduling, pricing, and readiness. The flexible sign-up form below makes the booking process more like a conversation. We have reduced the usual price of workshops by 25% to 150$, and are working on measures to make them more affordable for those who need.

All Workshops

  • Four sessions, weekly
  • 90-120 minutes per session
  • Live & interactive
  • 4-8 participants per workshop
  • Price: 100$ – 150$ + fees and taxes
  • Zoom video conference software

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Confirmed workshop schedules appear in the schedule below.

All workshops in the catalog follow these parameters:

  • Cost per person is 100$ – 150$ + processing fees and taxes
  • Four sessions, once a week
  • 90-120 minutes per session
  • 4-8 participants per workshop
  • Live & interactive
  • Opportunity to have a 1-on-1 consultation with the teacher
  • We accept credit cards, e-transfer, and some debit cards

Most of our workshops are suitable to any experience level. Small groups ensure that each student’s voice is heard and has their needs met. Whether you want to connect over shared interests, develop your craft, or looking to develop a project, this is what our workshops are there for.

Our teachers offer private coaching too. They can cater the session to address your unique needs. Plus, it’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’re unsure a workshop is for you, without committing to multiple sessions. If you’re interested in a private online workshop, please fill out the flexible sign-up form and tell us what you’re looking for in the comments section.

Participants can expect:

  • To learn about a creative discipline from an experienced practitioner.
  • To practice with exercises, critiques, and project work.
  • To engage in lively discussions with peers.

Participants should be ready:

  • To attend and participate in all four sessions.
  • To treat fellow participants with respect and kindness.
  • To use Zoom video conferencing on a laptop or mobile device.
  • To find a quiet and well-lit room to join the 2-hour workshop sessions.
  • To get a headset with an attached microphone. It will help everyone to hear you, and for you to hear them.

Sur Place Media is a small non-profit in Montreal, Quebec.

We help artists and freelancers by offering in-person workshops on a range of topics. Since 2017, we’ve hosted more than 50 multi-session workshops. Every workshop is proposed and led by an independent artist.

Sur Place also produces media projects for clients, on contract. Click here for more about media services.

Meet our staff, teachers and members, click here.

The French expression sur place means ‘on site’ or ‘on premises’. (In case you were wondering.)

Click here to learn about what kind of teachers and workshops we’re looking for.

We take your privacy and security seriously.

  • The Zoom video conference service has had a huge surge in popularity as well as receiving criticism by media in recent weeks. By keeping the software up to date and following security guidance, we’ll keep each online meeting secure for participants. Here’s an article in Wired (link) with some recent guidance.
  • Please never share any passwords, financial information, or private personal details on a video conference.
  • We’ll be updating our policies in response to our customers and the latest information available. We may decide to change platforms if needed.

Contact us at if you have any comments about privacy and security of our sessions.

We’ll help you get the software you need installed before the workshop starts.

In some cases, you’ll need to pay for the software, and in some cases there are free or trial versions available.

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